Connect An Account

Connecting an account through NewCraft consist of the following parts

  1. Retrieving a ConnectToken
  2. Starting the NewCraft Authenticator with the ConnectToken
  3. Exchanging the PublicToken for an AccessToken

Retrieving a ConnectToken

A ConnectToken is how the NewCraft Authenticator associates an account connection with your NewCraft Account. To retrieve a Connect Token, you will make a POST request with your client_id and client_secret to api/v1/connect_tokens/create. The ConnectToken is good for a single authentication request with the NewCraft Authenticator and has an expiration time of 30 minutes from the time of issuance. If a user is connecting multiple accounts, you will need a unique ConnectToken to connect each account.

Starting the NewCraft Authenticator with the ConnectToken Once the NewCraft Connect script has been included on your web page, you will be able to start the NewCraft Authenticator which allows a user to connect their account. You’ll start with securely passing the ConnectToken to your client and using similar code as follows

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